Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This morning I met with Amy, the social worker at the nursing home, who had called a care team meeting together. Mike attended the meeting also. She told me that Mike did not meet the criteria for admission to MRC. The wheels in my head were already working overtime, trying to come up with a plan for bringing him home on the 19th.

I talked with Dr. Irby after that and told him that I had to have some system of accountability in place before I allow him back here to live. He agreed, "Absolutely!" and wants to do a thorough neuro-psych evaluation ASAP. Only by comparing new results with results they got in 2004 following the stroke can an accurate assessment be made, he said, and a proper course of action be prescribed. He thinks with counseling and AA, Mike will be okay.

For now, Mike is saying he wants to stay sober, so that pretty much negates the need for an intervention. I’ve also set some limits about his monopolizing the downstairs every afternoon with the noisy television (and the drinking), so he’s thinking of switching his gym and clinic time (PT and OT) from morning hours to afternoon hours, then maybe going to an AA meeting while he’s out.

All of his friends have promised me that their shared activities will not include alcohol. I don’t want him driving until his vision and his reflexes have been tested, and Dr. Irby said both those areas are covered on the exam he wants to do. Until I’m assured he can drive safely and is committed to staying sober, he will have to be driven everywhere he goes, not something I’m ready to do full-time, but will do short term, if necessary.

The painter finished his job today, so I've made a dent in the mess. I wish I had told him to do all the walls while he was working, but I was ready for him to leave, so that can wait a month or two.

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