Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I don't normally watch Oprah, but Ed Bacon is one of her guests today, so I felt compelled to tune in. With 45 minutes of the program over, we've heard very little from him, so I'm disappointed, but I've heard some good advice from the other guests - Elizabeth Lesser and Michael Beckwith.

Okay, he just made his mark, "Being gay is a gift from God," which made Oprah's jaw drop. Then the other minister agreed with him, and she was stunned. Oprah claims never to have heard a minister say that. I would have thought Oprah had heard everything. Oh, well, I'm glad she finally heard it and that she heard it from one of my spiritual heroes.

I enjoyed a good lunch with the Water Lilies today, then went to the consignment shop in the same shopping center where I found the cutest boots, brand new, never worn, perfect fit, for $11.50! They definitely had my name on them. Now I'm headed to show the apartment (the woman who said she wanted it backed out), then the nursing home, then to choir rehearsal. The sun has been out all day, warm and bright, and my mood has improved considerably. Thanks to those of you who expressed concern. I am taking care of myself in every way I know how.

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Zoilus said...

Good for Ed! I'm glad someone can finally enlighten the rest of America that not all Christians are homophobic cave dwellers.