Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mike was moved from ICU to a private room this morning. He still has a good bit of confusion, and yesterday he was vacillating from super-silliness to hostility and belligerence, with very little in-between. Today he's in his own personal Twilight Zone, told me he'd been to Madison for lunch with friends at a Chinese restaurant, and that he'd seen some people he hasn't seen in years. He still doesn't remember, or admit he remembers, what happened to him. His kneecap was dislocated, but they got it popped back into place. He was able to open his left eye some and count fingers accurately, so maybe no permanent damage was done to it. And he still claims to be feeling no pain.

I've been a little giddy with my new freedom today and all the phone calls I'm getting. Tonight the gravity of the situation is beginning to sink in. I'm headed to choir rehearsal and the dinner afterwards.

Benji and I got the tree up and decorated last night. Tonight we're playing Santa for Pip so he will have a full day and a half to play with new stuff here before he has to leave for his other grandparents in Mobile.

I really appreciate all the calls and emails from everyone. I'll try to keep you updated as new developments occur.

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