Friday, December 19, 2008

Let's see, what else can I do to generate a little Christmas spirit around here? Still don't have the tree up, I could do that. Still don't have all the gifts wrapped, I could do that. I did get the Christmas cards mailed. I've got a couple of Christmas CD's I found in an old case, haven't heard them in years, I could listen to those.

Okay, well actually, one of the CD's was a Rick Wakeman album, you know, Rick Wakeman of YES, and I had a heck of a time tracking down which album it was. Burned by someone, somewhere, sometime with nothing but Rick Wakeman scrawled across the CD, I had to listen, then google around until I figured it out. And I love it, just wish people who burn these things would put a little more info with it. And it wasn't Christmas music, unless you want to count "Morning Has Broken" as a Christmas tune. This is the guy who played on Cat Stevens hit recording of that song. Seems "Catherine Howard" had a touch of "Jingle Bells" in it, too.

Yesterday's large disaster was a busted water line, which I didn't know about until I started drawing my bath and saw muddy water filling my tub. Because I was running my washing machine and my dishwasher when it broke, my water heater filled up with the yucky water, so I had to run and run and run some more 'til it ran clear, then wait for it to heat the clean water. Consequently, I missed the party and was in a foul humor for the rest of the evening, did not want to even think about decorating the tree. So you may get to help me with that, Benji, when you get here on Sunday.

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