Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One of the other topics I discussed yesterday with KMB was Sarah Palin. She asked what I thought about her. "I can't stand her!" I blurted without even stopping to think about it. "And what is it you don't like?" she asked. "She's a big phony. She's in over her head and doesn't have the capacity to acknowledge it or correct it."

And then it hit me. I'm projecting. My sweet therapist sat there smiling, waiting for that light bulb to come on over my head. "So the phony in me is reacting adversely to the phony in her? I'm in over my head and don't have the capacity to acknowledge it or correct it?"


Ooh...that hurt!

Maybe the projecting part is true. If so, all kinds of people with all kinds of hang-ups and all kinds of aspirations are projecting on to the Repug VP candidate. It probably accounts for the intense personal attacks or accolades she's provoking.

Maybe the same thing applies to Obama. Deepak Chopra explores a similar theory. What do you think?

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