Friday, August 01, 2008

We got a good rain this morning, a little over an inch, they said on TV. It came with all the scary sound effects that make Jay-Jay nervous, so he should sleep well tonight. He missed his morning nap altogether.
Mike and I ate lunch at Ryan's, and I told him about the trip I've planned. He was amazingly calm, but even he knows better than to act ugly in public. I had to go off and leave him at home last night when I went to the Evensong at church. He'd had too much to drink, but insisted he was going with me. When he went upstairs to change clothes, I grabbed my keys and took off, but I hid his keys before I left. I also turned off my cell phone. So I enjoyed an hour of heavenly sounds by the Mississippi Music Conference Choir. Every year I say I'm going to that conference, but every year something comes up to prevent it, like trying to get a vacant rent house leased. It's like a week of summer camp for adults at Gray Center, and they're all singers and musicians. How fun would that be! Maybe next year.
I did take him with me to visit Jean at Baptist Hospital tonight. They finally let her out of CCU and moved her into a private room. She was in rare form, telling all about her experiences and cracking jokes. She asked me to sing Beulah Land for her before I left, but I couldn't remember anything but the chorus, so I sang that. I don't think I could have sung the whole thing without crying. She's planning her send-off, but rather than a funeral, it sounds more like a cocktail party, which is fine with me. I just hope it's not anytime soon.
Thanks to those of you who responded to my last post. I do feel like I'm an alien in a strange land sometimes, until other people tell me they're appalled by the same things that bother me. I was reminded of the bumper sticker that Benji had on his old Toyota one time. I don't think it had the picture, but it carried the same message.

Another response I got said the shooter was upset that his food stamps were being canceled, and did he not know that if it had not been for the liberals in this country, he would never have had food stamps? How ironic is that?

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