Monday, August 11, 2008

Our camping trip only lasted about 24 hours, but we packed a lot of fun into that time. The Dunedin RV Park included a pool and plenty of low-tech type games like shuffleboard and ping-pong. I'm still no good at shuffleboard and Ricky still is. Clay seems to have inherited that gene. We didn't go to the beach until today. It was out on Honeymoon Island, where there is a gorgeous state park. They supposedly have the prettiest sunsets in the state, but we didn't stay for that.

Mike called this afternoon to make sure I hadn't changed my mind about coming home. I haven't, but I've missed my dogs more than my husband. That's sad, don't you think? He said it's rained there ever since I left. By 2 PM tomorrow, I'll be home. Rick thinks I should try the online check-in again. Surely the Tampa airport can handle it. We'll see. I will be allowing more time than I did last week.

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