Friday, August 08, 2008

I just finished Dreams of My Father, and I'm more inspired than ever by our Democratic candidate. What a story! Obama's presidency will be the dawning of a new day in American politics. I'm excited. Anyone who throws an "elitist" label at the man is simply displaying his ignorance. Reading his story, I was reminded of how totally non-elitist he is. There isn't anything about his background that justifies the charge. He is exceptionally bright, but he is also reflective, garnering as much knowledge and wisdom from all his experiences as can possibly be gained. Too bad we don't have more like him who are also willing to go into public service. With God's protection and direction, I believe we will see America's better character restored during his tenure.

I'm enjoying the hub-bub of this household. Clay has band camp this week, but it's from noon until 9 pm every day with nights and mornings being spent at home, unlike when his dad's band camps were on junior college campuses with no overnight reprieves back in their own beds. Cooper and his father-coach have started baseball practice for the fall season. This week-end we're taking their new pop-up camper to a beach park where we can get closer to Mother Nature. Now that takes me back! At least, this camper is air conditioned, but seems the old van we used for camping back 30 years ago also had an air conditioner, didn't it? Today we're painting a wall in Cooper's bedroom to look like a section of _____ Ballpark. Sorry, but Gramma doesn't remember which ballpark. I'll post pictures of the finished product. (Rick just came in and told me it's the Green Monster, Fenway Park.)

Mike reports that the dogs have adjusted to their new routine. Art is doing morning duty, and the neighbor ladies Gwen and Rachel are doing afternoon and evening duty. Gus spent the first night on the sofa downstairs waiting for Mom to come home and take him to bed. On the second night, he gave up his vigil and went to bed. I sure do miss my babies.

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