Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There wasn't much to our hearing in Justice Court this morning. I spent the two hours waiting for our case to be called spelling as many words as I could from "Justice Court" and "Delinquent Renters." I filled up two pages with words. The renter didn't show up, so simply by default we were awarded what we asked for - eviction and past due rent.

I stopped by the Madison house on our way home and they were moving the last of their stuff out. She said I would have gotten all my money if I'd just been patient. Letting them stay without paying any rent for two and a half months is pretty darn patient, if you ask me. I was relieved that the house was vacated without my having to hire someone to do it.

I'll never see a penny of the money they owe unless I turn it over to a collection agency. Even then, it's doubtful. The house was dirty, but not vandalized, so I guess I should be grateful for that, too. There is junk in the yard that has to be hauled off and the grass needs to be cut. Another day in the house renting business.

The other case involving my friends turned out in their favor, too. Seems the judge didn't take too kindly to the idea of somebody making allegations without evidence. Life sure would be simpler if delusional people could all be moved to the Funny Farm so they couldn't muck up the lives of the non-delusional ones.

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