Sunday, June 01, 2008

With summer temps in the 90's today, the water in our swimming pool should be warming quickly. Nighttime temps this week will all be 70 or above. That's why we're starting our exercise routine back at our own pool tomorrow, rather than driving to that silly gym where they had nothing but problems in keeping the indoor pool warm. I just wish we could have bought a 9 month instead of a 12 month contract.

It's been a peaceful Sunday at my house. I went to church, then to lunch with Pam, Jean, and Carol, then enjoyed a 2 hour nap this afternoon with Gus and Jay-Jay. I got a real scare while walking the dogs when Gus tried to take on the neighbor's Siberian Husky and the larger dog pinned him to the ground between his jaws. I just knew he was a goner, but the Husky didn't bite down, just held him down until the owner ordered him to let go. Gus was pretty rattled by the whole experience, but maybe he learned that he's not as big as he thinks he is.

Sympathy, love, and prayers for George and his family for the loss of his mother Vera Stovall this week-end. May she rest in peace.

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