Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sitting through most of the DNC's Rules Committee meeting today, I feel like I've had a baptism of fire. I must say I have a new sense of pride in my party for the democratic manner in which this controversy was handled. Florida and Michigan delegates will be seated at the August convention in Denver, but each will get only a half vote. After hearing all the circumstances that led to their being sanctioned, I agree it's a fair compromise.

I doubt that it would ever occur to the Republicans to settle matters in this manner, opting instead for a gentleman's agreement over cocktails, but that's only one of the differences that separate the two parties. Regardless of Harold Ickes' emotional threat at the end, I foresee Obama quickly garnering the Super-Delegate votes he needs to seal the nomination and the party coming together to support him with only a handful of Clinton die-hards protesting all the way to the convention.

Obama and his family resigned their membership today in the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. The description of the church he hopes to find sounds a lot like the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. He would make a great Episcopalian. Did you know that more of our presidents have been affiliated with the Episcopal Church than any other denomination?

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