Thursday, June 12, 2008

What would we Southerners do if our tomatoes were deemed unsafe? I'm not sure I could make it through the summer. I regularly enjoy just a fat slice of tomato between two pieces of bread slathered with mayonnaise, a favorite lunch since childhood. Add potato chips and a glass of cold ice tea and I'm totally satisfied. All the southern states are still on the safe tomatoes list, last time I looked, thank goodness!

I was expecting Benji and family around noon, but they got a late start so arrival time has been pushed to around 3:00. Tomorrow they're headed for Mobile to Karen's parents, then to Gulf Shores where Benji's dad has given them one of his condos for the week.

7 hours later. I've enjoyed my company, so far. We went to the pool and swam for an hour or so, then went out for dinner to the same restaurant where the Water Lilies ate yesterday - Sway's Bistro. I wasn't nearly as impressed with their Thursday dinner service as I was with the Weds. lunch service. It's a new restaurant in our Reservoir neighborhood, and I don't think they've got all the kinks worked out. Pip was not in a good humor, so Benji and Karen had to take turns walking with him outside and eating. Ah, the trials and tribulations of parenthood. At least, they didn't keep the screaming baby in the restaurant like some inconsiderate slobs do.

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