Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's Election Day in Indiana and North Carolina. I've sworn off TV until 6 pm, when I will OD on as many of the cable news shows as possible. It's like the slow climb up a roller coaster hill, the adrenaline pumps are full and ready to pump, but don't really kick in until we start downhill. Yes, I'm a junkie. Today's Gallup Poll shows Obama leading Clinton 50% to 45%. The experts predict a win for him in NC, for her in Ind., which really doesn't put us any closer to naming a nominee. What on earth will I do for excitement after the election?

This morning’s dream had me driving around an unfamiliar city being directed by a male passenger, not sure who. We seemed to have no particular destination in mind, but instead, were just driving for the pleasure of driving. Finally I noticed that ¾ of a full tank of gas had been used and I was tired of just wasting gas in this pointless endeavor.

In the next scene, or was it a second dream, I was in a place of business that included several different activities. There were crowded offices, one was a call center of some sort, all employees were wearing telephone headsets and were fielding calls from customers. There was a bowling alley with pinball machines along the wall. It, too, was crowded. The hallways connecting the different rooms were narrow. I seemed to be taking a walking tour of the place, looking at everything. In a break room, I saw a young and handsome Richard. He was approached by an employee of this place and she took off her glasses, shook her pinned up hair loose, and identified herself as a former lover named Betty. He pulled her close and kissed her. I was very jealous. After he left the break room, I approached him and confessed to feeling jealous about what I had witnessed. I was surprised by the emotional reaction I had had, and told him that. He was skeptical, disbelieving. He even joked with the people around us that he was being pursued by two of the most beautiful women in the place. I was embarrassed by his bragging, and I admitted to myself that I really didn’t want to resume a relationship with him, but I also didn’t want him to be involved with anyone else.


Zoilus said...

I thought he was the jealous type, not you?

C J Garrett said...

I think it was 11th grade, the last time I was jealous of another girl with him. He'd been on a band trip and sat in the back of the bus with Barbara Estes.

Oh! the Betty in the dream was not wife #3.