Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's been cool and rainy all day here. I didn't go to the gym, but did go to lunch with the Water Lilies at A.J.'s. There were 10 of us, conversation was lively, food superb. We're through with Weds. night choir rehearsals until the fall, so I've had a fairly relaxing day.
The highlights of tonight's television viewing have been the Edwards' endorsement of Obama and Keith Olbermann's Special Comment, even though I got an irate phone call after it from my Republican neighbor. Do I detect a swinging of the pendulum from 8 years of Democrats being unhappy to 8 years of Republicans being unhappy? Truth is, many Republicans have joined us unhappy Democrats in being unhappy with the Republican administration. Dubya's poll numbers remain at record lows, and that ain't all Democrats they're polling. This is one of the more conservative polls.

The Edwards' endorsement knocked Hillary's WV victory off the top story slot in the evening news shows. Even Mississippi's first district election got a good bit of national coverage. Bush did carry this state by 25% in 2000, so it's understandable that Republican strategists are in a panic. One of my favorite quotes of the day:
Former NRCC Chairman Tom Davis, the Virginia Republican who is retiring this year, seems to have largely given up on his party’s chances. “This is the floor,” Davis said, stopping his foot on the concrete. “We’re underneath it.”
Any of my Republican friends want to start the Mississippi chapter of Republicans for Obama?

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