Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday was a busy day spent driving to Hattiesburg again, having lunch at Cracker Barrell, picking up the Pipster, and driving back home. He's such a sweetie. We had no trouble transferring him and his stuff from one grandmother to the other. When the DVD player's battery went dead, he got very unhappy, but the calm-down CD that Benji made for him works like a charm and has induced naps on both the car trips I've made with him. It's a strange collection including such disparate selections as "Amazing Grace," "Proud Mary," and "What's New Pussycat?" But, hey, it works so who am I to argue with success?

I haven't had much luck in getting him to eat anything but poptarts. Thank goodness, they pack them full of vitamins and nutrients. He did eat a couple of chicken fingers, but none of the french fries, none of the white rice, and this morning, for the first time ever at Gramma's house, he wouldn't eat his oatmeal. He's had a Rice Krispy Bar, an ice cream sandwich, and toast.

My dogs' barking always startles him, then he cries and climbs his Gramma like a monkey after a banana. I've tried to get him to make friends with them, but so far, he seems to like the cats better. I'll need Excedrin Back and Body tablets tonight, for sure. He's played with his trains, his Play-Doh, and the miscellaneous things in Gramma's toy box. I'll miss him after he goes back to Memphis. I'm meeting Benji in Grenada tomorrow, and maybe the rest of the family. We'll see.

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