Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Whatta day! Carpet cleaners arrived at 8:00 at the (still) vacant condo across the street. I got them started, then came back where the handyman was already working on my (still out of commission) bathroom. When the carpet cleaners finished at the vacant condo, they came over here to do this one, so the rest of the bathroom repair got put on hold until tomorrow. With all the traffic in and out of the house, the dogs ran loose way more than they should have, so I chased them several times. It's garbage day, let's hope they didn't find any styrofoam to eat. Oh, did I mention the AC wasn't working, so that repairman came, too, and fixed the problem at no charge! How often does that happen?

And there were three potential renters to show the vacant condo to. Cleaning the carpet must have been the missing ingredient. All three people wanted to rent it. I've decided to let the first one have it. She's a single mom, actually they all were, but this one had two boys and very good references. Hopefully, this closes the chapter on this matter for at least a year.

Oh, and I got the wicker chair repaired and painted, the deck cleaned up, and a new 96x96 blind hung on the west side of the deck. It shades the whole area in the afternoon, but enough light comes through for it not to be dark.

Mike was gone all day and when he came home he actually asked what I'd been doing all day! I was almost too tired to tell him. I just wish I could get in my bathroom and take a long soak in a hot tub, but it's occupied by the toilet until tomorrow. I sure will be glad when all this work is completed. Do I really want to go through the stress of major remodeling?

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