Wednesday, April 09, 2008

There were 14 of us at the Water Lilies luncheon today. We ate at Monte's Seafood and Steak Restaurant in The Quarter on Lakeland. I ate a seafood crepe, something new for me and quite tasty. Again, there were no complaints from anyone in the group, but last week that did not translate to "everybody enjoyed it." I heard several ladies say today that they would not do a return visit to Tex-Mex, "it just wasn't that good," they said.

When I'm enjoying mine, I just assume those around me are enjoying theirs unless they're complaining. They may just not want to diminish my enjoyment by complaining. My taste is not so refined that I can find something wrong with everything I eat, but there seem to be those who can do this. Maybe I shouldn't be so easy to please, but I don't know another way to be, especially where food is concerned.

I finally have my bathroom back in working order. What an inconvenience that was! Tomorrow the work on the other bathroom begins, but they say they can finish with it in a day and a half. The current tub and tile surround are being replaced by a large shower with a built-in seat. I certainly hope it's done by Friday.

I'm tired of the upheaval that comes from things not working as they should. As much as I say I would like to get this place remodeled, the thought of it really stresses me, especially with having to watch the dogs so closely. Strange people with power tools make them very nervous, then their barking at strange people with power tools puts me on edge, not something my frayed nerves manage well.

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