Wednesday, March 05, 2008

OK, color me wrong about Hillary. Seems she has some "comeback kid" in her, too. Even though the final tally of votes has not been announced from Texas, it looks like she may have won the popular vote, but Obama won more delegates. I've never quite understood how that works. And have you ever looked at a map of the congressional districts in Texas? Talk about gerrymandering! It's the most convoluted mish-mash I've looked at lately. Who was that who said, "You get fifteen Democrats in a room and you get twenty different opinions?"

Pam, Jean and I decided to delay our water aerobics until 11:00, rather than go to the 10:00 class. We get a better work-out by ourselves, since our 30 year old instructor normally teaches children and doesn't seem to comprehend the needs of a totally different age group. There's been a lot of dissatisfaction among the class members, and suggestions made to the gym owners about getting an instructor better suited to those who don't need high impact exercise, but so far, nothing's been done. We're going to lunch with our Water Lillies group at 12:30, so with this change in our schedule, we don't have to kill time between class and lunch. I like this much better.

I'm expecting a visit from Skip tomorrow. He will arrive mid-afternoon, spend the night and go back to Folsom on Friday. I'm hoping he and I can have plenty of private conversation time without Mike's interference. Mike usually sees Skip's visits as another excuse to get drunk, and his appeal as a conversation partner quickly evaporates. It really diminishes my enjoyment of my favorite cousin's visits.

We may have to go out for a "genealogical research dinner." Nothing would discourage Mike sooner than to know we planned to work on family history. And we do have some new information to integrate into our files. I'm sure we'll work out something.

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