Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama is coming to Jackson tonight. Part of me would love to attend the rally, but my introvert side is winning on this one. A large screaming crowd is one of the least likely places where you will ever find me participating. Even as a much younger person, I had an aversion to the crowd noise at rock concerts. I can't imagine that the noise is any easier to tolerate now. A town hall meeting has a lot more appeal to me, but then I am out of the demographic profile of Obama's supporters. Most Democratic white women my age are supporting Clinton.

And I'm not against Hillary. I admire her tenacity. She has proven herself to be made of tough stuff, bouncing back from more personal attacks than anyone other than her husband. I hope her numbers have not been artificially inflated by Limbo Dickheads, or is that Limbaugh Dittoheads? I'm afraid his influence in Texas may have created serious mischief. I understand he's very popular there.

Her suggestion that she would name Obama as her running mate seems totally disingenuous to me. If he's good enough to be VP, then he has to be good enough for the top slot, too, so enough with the "not experienced enough" argument.

Did you see the girl from Hillary's 3 AM ad this week-end saying that she will be 18 by election day and is supporting Obama? I really wish he would use her in an ad. I also hope the Republicans for Obama run some ads, too. Red states like Mississippi need to hear their message.

Whoever you're for, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!

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