Tuesday, February 05, 2008

To open or not to open windows during a tornado watch/warning? Benji and Karen had conflicting views about this, so he called me. I've heard all my life that it helps to equalize pressure and prevents the house from exploding. Obviously now, that's considered a myth.

From USAToday Q&A:

Q. Some people say to open windows during a tornado and others say you don't. Which is correct?

A: Don't waste time opening windows. Several years ago, theory held that the low pressure inside a tornado made buildings "explode" as the tornado passed over them. When the pressure outside the building suddenly dropped, the higher air pressure inside the building would push out the walls. The idea was that opening a window would equalize the pressure and prevent this. Since then, researchers have found that tornado winds destroy buildings, often by first lifting the roof off. When this happens, the walls might fall outward. The sudden drop in outside air pressure wasn't "exploding" buildings. The current advice is don't waste time opening windows, get into a safe shelter such as a bathroom with no windows.

Sorry, Benji, you learned that erroneous info from yo mama! On his last day as a 30-Something, he took Pip by the Pink Palace where the child instantly decided that he did not like dinosaurs. Memphis had a tornado warning at some point this afternoon, he said, but no touchdown.

Super Tuesday coverage on MSNBC keeps taking my attention away from blogging. May as well quit this and do that.

Have a Great 40th Birthday tomorrow, Benji. Sorry I can't be there to celebrate with you!

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Zoilus said...

Pip likes dinosaurs just fine, but not the big towering replicas of them. ;-) His two favorite movies are Ice Age and Dinosaurs.

The birthday was great--too bad you missed the sea bass at Tsunami. It was to die for, as usual. The red velvet cake she made me was also very good.