Thursday, January 03, 2008

Why does my house always seem much larger when company leaves? Maybe even "too large"? The space and the quiet are downright eerie. My dogs were sound asleep much earlier than usual. Having the 3 larger dogs in the house stressed my puppies to the max.

I went with Ricky and his family to the Bass Pro Shop today where we shopped and had a delicious lunch. I ate grilled grouper with steamed veggies and wild rice, and it was really good. The boys shot a few rounds in the shooting gallery, but I was the only one who bought anything, can you believe it? At BASS PRO SHOP?!? I got small pepper spray canisters for me and Mary Ann. They're small enough to be carried on a key chain. The next time I feel threatened, I plan to use mine on the threatener. Mike saw it and asked jokingly if I planned to use it on him. "Not unless I feel threatened," I answered, dead seriously. He must have already figured out that I was fed up with him. He bought me a dozen red roses while I was out buying pepper spray.
I've loaded most of the Christmas pictures to my Flickr site. Benji just sent this great shot of his family which was taken at Karen's cousin's house on Christmas Eve.

Here's one of Ricky's family that I found in the dump Ricky did from Mary Ann's camera to my computer. Judging from the turkey leg in Cooper's hand, I'm guessing it was made at Thanksgiving. They're in Gulf Shores tonight visiting his dad, and will complete their trip back to Tampa tomorrow. Of course, I'm prejudiced, but I think my sons and their families are extraordinarily good looking.

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