Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Not only does God work in mysterious ways, our minds do, too. After contemplating the relation between serendipity, coincidence, and proddings of the Holy Spirit (see yesterday's post), and after googling these terms and reading what a few others have to say on the subjects, my skeptical mind latched on to this summary:

It is not my contention that all coincidences are meaningless and should be ignored. Indeed, truly unlikely events may have some underlying significance and the search for their causes would be a laudable endeavor. However, the vast majority that we experience turn out to be much more probable than they appear, if analyzed critically. When this is taken into account, along with our propensity for selective validation, our desire to believe in something akin to fate, and our coincidence-detection hardwiring, the true deceptive power of coincidence is realized.
That's not to say I don't believe the Holy Spirit is involved in our mundane matters, I just know how huge my own propensity for selective validation is. Several great articles on this subject out there for the googling, but I especially enjoyed this one.
I consulted one of the very few webmaster gurus I know and he told me that Blogger has a copyright problem with MP3 and other audio files. There is no easy way to do what I want to do - post one song at a time for my readers' listening pleasure. BUT I can use Windows Movie Maker to make a video file with a few pictures and use the song as the audio track. Now you know what I'll be working on today. By the way, don't attempt to use "insegrevious" in a Scrabble game with me. You will get challenged.

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mornin' said...

Then may I use "sesquipedalian"? It's a word I ran across in my Kindle research. I think you'll like the definition - there's a pun in there somewhere.