Monday, January 07, 2008

In trying to find a bare spot on my desktop this morning, I got the brilliant idea to clean out the file drawer in my desk, and put some of this stuff in there. The file drawer got filled up shortly after I retired (3/17/99) and hasn't been cleaned out since. In the back of the drawer behind the files of bills and bank statements, genealogy sheets, and art masterpieces (originally done as doodling) was a nylon bag (original home to a headset that got left with Ma Bell), filled with the contents of a desk drawer from the Bellsouth office. Make-up, snacks, Ibuprofin - you know the drawer, you ladies probably have one just like it, but do you know how well those things age? The lipstick and nail polish are still usable, the snacks are stale, the Ibuprofin is long past its prime. I'd decided to discard everything, but the pack rat in me can't let go of stuff that is still good. Hmmm, Wine With Everything, does Revlon still make this shade? I've got the nail polish and the lipstick. Remember when Caller ID was the latest, greatest feature for telephones? An additional line for the home office, the computer, or the kids was something we got extra Brownie points for selling. "Nashville, a good place to fool around," that had to be left from the Don days.But my favorite find was this, the mousepad I used for most of 1998 obviously, as I was counting down the days 'til retirement.

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