Thursday, January 24, 2008

Here's an inspiring horoscope for Sagittarians today:

Sun is in Aquarius, Moon is going from Leo into Virgo. Making money will be easier for the next several weeks. You could make a very lot of it, too. Consider possible methods, and things you can buy and sell.

Now that's the kind of prognostication I like! Maybe we've got buyers just waiting for a couple of our houses to go on sale, not that selling them would make us rich, unless they've appreciated a lot more than I think they have, and that's the only thing we own worth selling.

I went to Madison today to assess the situation. The house key I had would not unlock the door, so I couldn't let the cleaning crew in. The power won't be turned on until Monday, the gas on Tuesday. Cleaning will have to wait until next week. It's just too darn cold to work without heat. Our handyman is replacing locks and thought he could get in the house without breaking a window, never did hear back from of those spin-your-wheels type days.

I tried to watch the Republican candidates' debate from Boca Raton, FL tonight, but lost patience with them in the first five minutes and turned it off after Mike Huckabee's cute little quip about the stimulus package. He said the tax rebates would probably be financed by borrowing from China, then American consumers would use the money to purchase merchandise made in China. He's not the only one concerned about whose economy will be stimulated the most, bless that Baptist preacher's heart! He probably doesn't understand Bush's fuzzy math either.

Paul's got some cool blogs over on the Clarion Ledger site. Be sure to check out his Jan. 15th "Sunrise Special." Who says you have to go to church every Sunday to appreciate the Creator's handiwork?

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mornin' said...

Hey, Girl. Be careful about selling property. The taxes will eat you alive. We sold one of our houses a few years ago and we were stunned at the taxes we had to pay. (And we have a super-duper CPA who knows his tuff.)