Friday, December 07, 2007

I got a call around 3 PM yesterday from Jean, inviting me to come drink a glass of port with her. "I refuse to drink alone," she told me, "only alcoholics do that." She had about finished with her decorating and had the gas logs fired up, so it was a warm visit. Christmas music playing on the stereo would have been the only change I would have made to the cozy atmosphere, but people who aren't musically inclined don't feel the need for that like I do. Since most of my Christmas CD's have been uploaded to my computer, I'm planning to take some of my discs to her.
She and I did not make it to the gym this morning. I had my six month check-up, which I'd forgotten until they called late yesterday to remind me. I had to fast so they could draw blood and run a lipid profile, see if the cholesterol is down to a healthy level. The weight is 10 lbs. heavier than it was at the same time last year. When I complained about my fatigue and my ravenous appetite, the doctor wrote me a new prescription for Wellbutrin, which helps some people have more energy and control their appetite better. Seems the Zoloft has a bad reputation for making people be lazy and gain weight. And I thought it was a character flaw! It's so nice to be able to blame the medicine. I've got to ease off it before going with the new pill alone.

I'm listening to some gorgeous Christmas music from NPR, this year's "Christmas Around the Country". There are several other holiday programs available with a simple click. Again, be generous this Christmas in donating to a true American treasure - Public Radio. To contribute to Mississippi Public Broadcasting, click here. Your state, wherever you are, has a similar site, I'm sure. There are several good gift ideas at the NPR store, too.

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