Monday, November 12, 2007

On 10/27/07, I mentioned other family members' blogs. We seem to be a prolific bunch of folks. My brother has a new post today about his week-end at Chotard with our cousin Skip.

Laura blogged today about the Flowood Community Work Center, formerly known as the Airline Motel where her grandmother used to take her to swim and to eat Mexican food. The pictures I made for her, over the protests of an unfriendly guard, are featured on this NPR website. I'm adding a link to the BPP blog in my sidebar. Listen to the program while you're there. It's good.

Benji has new pictures made with a new keychain(?) camera, super cheap, super low res, but outstanding results. And Skip, we're still waiting for you to get unstuck. What is the problem? No pressure or anything.....

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