Thursday, November 08, 2007

I've been shopping all day, attempting to find Tampa tee-shirts that have no mention of any ball team on them. I went to seven different stores and did not find one. I did hear Christmas music in every store though. I'll get out to the airport tomorrow and they will have all kinds of Tampa tee-shirts, just wait. I gave up at the last store and bought other things for my dog walkers, Art and Jon.
Gus is still not ready to be released from the hospital, and even if he were, I would want him to stay until after I get home and have a chance to check the house for anything that might have made him sick. If he got ahold of a stuffed toy, he more than likely hid it up under one of the beds. I need to clean out from under all of them before we bring him home. We sure don't want to go through this ordeal again, and I'm sure Gus doesn't either.
I've got a date with two handsome guys tonight, Clay and Cooper. Their parents have a "date," so Gramma is being left in charge. We may play Scrabble, or I may let them just do their normal routine. They have no trouble entertaining themselves. I've heard only one small hint of "I'm bored ," since I've been here.

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