Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A piece of good news from CAPA, Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa - Bishop Akinola's term ends soon and the new leadership is not nearly as interested in furthering his divisive agenda. The presence of American lobbyists, who were there to make sure CAPA "stayed on board," was seen by many as intrusive and heavy-handed.

A sermon that was preached in 1922 by the Rev. Harry Emerson Fosdick, entitled "Shall the Fundamentalists Win?" came to my attention yesterday via e-mail. Integrating new scientific knowledge with old faith based wholly on scripture had created a divide not too unlike what we see today, 85 years later. I commend his remarks to those of you who, like me, are concerned about keeping the "Old Ship of Zion" afloat, but equipped with the new revelations we've been given by our Great Creator.

For a fascinating side trip, go to YouTube and search for "Old Ship of Zion." Several different versions of songs with this title, several styles, but I think this is my favorite, by the Pilgrim Jubilee singers, whose roots are in Mississippi.

Rain and cooler temps are predicted for today. Rather than going to the gym, I'm seriously considering staying at home this morning and cooking, maybe a big pot of homemade chicken and vegetable soup. My kitchen always calls me on cool rainy days. I've got unfinished business to finish, and I need to go get my shingles shot, and my flu shot.

Another fun discovery in web surfing this morning, Primarily A Cappella at Vocal Harmony Jukebox . There is also a radio station that plays mostly A Cappella arrangements, with a choice of Vocal Jazz, Contemporary, Gospel, Doo Wop, Choral, Barbershop and World channels.(Yes, I told Pam and Jean to go on to the gym without me.) And this great essay was just sent to me, which I will share with you, my dear readers, The Gospel of Both/And, Not Either/Or.

Now I'm going to the kitchen. Anyone want to join me for lunch?

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