Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I've noticed a pattern. It's happened too many times to be a coincidence. Every time I share the poem "Anyway," it seems I'm tested to see if I really believe it. I knew on the 18th when I published it, that the next few days would be challenging, and sure enough, they have been.

Rather than giving Satan credit for pushing all my buttons, I'd rather believe the Holy Spirit was preparing me, bracing me for the rough days to follow, reminding me that disappointments are universal throughout our human phase of being, and that I shouldn't let it keep me from doing the right and loving thing.

My blessings so far outweigh my burdens that I almost feel ashamed when I complain, but I've never been one to suffer in silence, so I use this blog sometimes to vent. I hope I haven't added to your burdens in doing so. I thank you for "listening," it's a lot cheaper than psychotherapy. I feel the support of your prayers and love.

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