Monday, September 24, 2007

Why is time spent with a lawyer so exhausting? I've been with Roger all afternoon and have been extremely tired since I got home. We worked at getting Mother's affairs ready to settle, and there are so many little nit-picking details to include that it drains me of all patience and energy. I'll be so glad to soon have the whole thing behind me. I was at the doctor's office for a couple of hours before that, thinking I may have a kidney or bladder infection, getting tests run, a check up, etc., so I already was not feeling well. I guess I shouldn't blame all the tiredness on the lawyer. Nothing diagnosed yet, but a couple of test results won't be in for a couple of days.

I'm ready to get back into an exercise routine. Pam was going to check out the rates at Fitness Lady today. They have a saltwater pool, which is supposed to be very therapeutic and several water aerobic classes. We're still not sure which gym we're going to join. She and Jean are really enjoying St. Philip's and were joined yesterday by another of their friends, Carol, who also is looking for a new church home, so there were four of us at Amerigo's for lunch.
Mike had to eat Sunday lunch alone, but I've done that plenty, so I know it won't hurt him. Rather than having their regular Sunday Bub day at Margarita's, they had it on Saturday instead. Our rector spoke to his Sunday School class yesterday about the current controversy in TEC and said he doesn't think a split will occur, which made me feel better.

Speaking of controversy and church, my friend Ed was back in the news yesterday. Seems the IRS has concluded their investigation and decided to let them keep their tax-exempt status. This is the picture from today's LA Times. He's speaking to an SRO crowd, and the sermon is inspired and inspiring. Give it a listen.

BEWILDERED: The Rev. J. Edwin Bacon Jr., rector of All Saints Episcopal Church, told congregants during morning services today that he and other officials were relieved that the church no longer faced the imminent loss of its tax-exempt status, but were bewildered by the IRS' seemingly contradictory conclusions about the case.

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dmccrory2 said...

Cathy, I hope you feel better soon, but when in doubt, blame it on the lawyer. Administering an estate is a huge stress; be kind to yourself.

I'm struggling with the exercise issue too. I really need/want to exercise but I don't want to be weighed, measured, poked, prodded and monitored. Any ideas?

I love Ed Bacon. He baptized my son. I don't think St. Andrew's has really recovered from losing him. Thanks for the update!