Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pictures from last night's 50th birthday party for Tony Berry. From left to right, our hostess Debbie Greenhill, me (can you believe that tan!), and Terri Berry, wife of the honoree.
And here I am sitting in the birthday boy's lap. He liked the original painting I gave him. The rest of the photos are posted on my Flickr site. The best way to view them is to click on the set titled "Tony's Birthday Party" and then click slideshow. Enjoy!

Thank goodness for the Greenhills! Without them we wouldn't have much social life. They have a new Viking Kitchen that is out of this world! Debbie is a gourmet cook and so is their son Michael, who was there last night, so our food was much better than the average birthday fare. I've promised to paint a portrait of their dog Nell, who died about a month ago with a heart attack. She was a beautiful, affectionate golden retriever. Her absence was very conspicuous; everybody missed her. If you live in the Jackson area, you are probably still seeing the commercial of Mike with his dog Nell; makes me want to cry every time I see it.

Today I've been shopping while Mike spent the afternoon with Ron. I was supposed to go to Jean's to meet Neal and Sandra, her son and daughter-in-law, but I got back from shopping too late. They had already left on their way home to Birmingham. Maybe next time.

Art helped get all my shopping bags from the car to the house and said he would come back later to help me install the new handheld shower head I bought at Lowe's. Gus and Jay-Jay went walking with him and his three - Paden, Sophie, and Bella. I wish I'd gotten a picture of him with the 5 dogs following along behind, kinda like the Pied Piper.

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