Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lunch at Amerigo's was enhanced by the excellent service of Josh, a good looking 26 year old waiter who already has his daddy's silver highlights in his hair, but with his beautiful brown eyes and winsome personality, it's an asset, broadens his appeal to a much wider age range of females, and he's so good-natured about it. Can you imagine how gorgeous he will be at 40? I can. I know the young waiters sometimes go to the kitchen and laugh about the old biddies who flirt with them, but I don't care. Rather than bringing us a piece of key lime pie, he brought us a quarter of the pie, and Jean, the key lime expert from Key West, gave it a 7 on her 1 - 10 scale.

Pam sat across from me, and her mother Jean was on the same side of the table, so I only got her profile, except for one I snuck in without flash, which explains the shaky image, but you can still see the blue eyes, which can be green if she wears that color, but most of the time they're blue.

Please don't be too mad at me, Jean. You're a beautiful woman and I needed to satisfy the curiosity of a couple of readers who were having trouble imagining how my new surrogate mother looks. She was dressed in a navy blue suit today, which had a ruffle around the hemline, her flirt skirt, Pam called it. I wish I'd gotten a picture of it, too. She looked so cute!

A few of us wore our rainbow ribbons this morning to remind ourselves and others that we still believe in FULL INCLUSION in the Episcopal Church, no matter what statements the Bishops issue. Actually, restating Resolution B033 is about all the Bishops could do, since we are not governed by them, but by the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies when they meet every three years for General Convention, kinda like in Washington where the Senate and the House of Reps have to agree to pass a bill. An Executive Committee handles matters between conventions and our Presiding Bishop does not have veto power.

Wheels of progress turn slowly, progressive wheels move slower...

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