Thursday, September 13, 2007

A misty rain was already falling when I walked to the pool this morning. With 100% chance of rain in the forecast, not sure why I bothered. Yes, I do. I needed to connect with my surrogate mother. Pam was in the clubhouse with another neighbor and they were cleaning windows. They've planned an Arbonne get-together for tomorrow night and invited me to come, if for no other reason than to have a glass of wine. She said her mother was still at home, didn't want to get in cold water this morning.

When I went by Jean's house, she pulled me in out of the rain, and immediately apologized for not letting me know she wouldn't be at the pool. I had a gift for her, Sarah's novel View from a Burning Bridge, which she seemed to be very grateful to get. "I've just finished my last library book," she said, " and have nothing left to read. Thank you, thank you, thank you." By tonight this voracious reader will have read the whole thing. It's no wonder that at 85 she's still sharp as a tack. I ordered two of the books and I'm thoroughly enjoying mine. Sarah, I hope you've already started on the next one. You will have a very successful writing career for as long as you want it. And when you come next month, I want the whole story on the dedication, and an autograph, two autographs, one for me and one for Jean.

Jean invited me to lunch, she'd made some of her famous chicken salad, but I asked for a rain check. I already told Mike I'd fix his lunch. Maybe I should just fix his, and then go to Jean's for mine. Nah, it's supposed to be raining hard by then and I want to finish Sarah's book. I love curling up with a good book on a rainy day, one of those pleasures that fell by the wayside when depression took control. And I'd rather eat lunch with Jean after she's read the book so we can talk about it.

I enjoyed choir practice last night, but was disappointed to learn that the Lacy's were out of town and that there would be no dinner afterwards. I'd forgotten she told us that last week. Mike was not expecting me home until 10:30 and I tried to find some trouble to get into with my "get out of jail" pass, but couldn't. It's just as well. I had a good book at home waiting for me.

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