Friday, September 21, 2007

I took Pam and Jean to a Whisperings Concert last night at St. Philip's, an evening of beautiful piano music with David Nevue, David Lanz, and Michael Dulin. (photo by Jim Carrington) They seemed to enjoy it, I know I did. And you, Dear Readers, can, too, by tuning into their internet radio station.

I introduced them to several church members and let the members know I would love to make Philipians out of my guests, so they got warm invitations and encouragement from all. Jean flirted with all the men, and they loved it. She has a charming way of instantly disarming them with, "Oh, Honey, you're such a good looking man. Mind if I give you a hug?" And of course, they all smile or laugh and gladly comply. St. Philip's is full of huggers, so she fits right in with the affectionate crowd. She even told one man she needed to remember his name so she could write it in her will. What a character!

I made the mistake of not eating supper before going to the concert, so by the time I got home around 10:00, I was famished. I fixed one of my favorite quick meals in the microwave - chicken tenderloin topped with beans and salsa and cheese. I heat it for 1 minute which is all it takes to heat the meat, the salsa, and melt the cheese. Super easy, super delicious. I buy the big bag of frozen chicken tenderloin pieces at Kroger, then cook several on the Foreman grill to keep on hand in the fridge for sandwiches, quick meals like this one, and dog treats. I mix Pace Chunky Salsa with a can of Tri-Beans (kidney, pinto, and black). The cheese is a slice of 2% sharp Cheddar. So the meal not only tastes good, it's nutritious and low-fat, as well.

I had the pleasure of my neighbor's company while I ate, he'd just come in from refereeing a ballgame, so the late meal included good conversation, too. It's a rare day when I can enjoy 3 meals with 3 different men. I had lunch at Primo's with George, which always includes a stimulating chat, and breakfast with Mike. All of that plus a concert with 2 of my favorite friends, it was an unusually good day for me. Mike spent the night with Ron, but I was not the least bit lonesome, and went to sleep smiling.

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