Thursday, September 20, 2007

I had a couple of interesting conversations last night at the choir dinner. One concerning TEC's meeting in New Orleans, the other about "the little blue pill" being popped like candy these days by men who need the help it provides. I felt compelled to warn them that they should be sure they are healthy enough before relying on modern medicine's most popular magic bullet.

It has bothered me for three years that Mike took a Cialis about 36 hours before he had his stroke. Both doctors that I mentioned it to downplayed the possibility that there was a link between the two events, but I'm still not so sure. If the pill increases blood flow, and that is its primary function, as I understand it, is it not possible that it was a factor in moving a blood clot from one part of his body to his carotid artery? I'm no MD, RN, or pharmacist, but it seems logical to me.

Naturally, it was not something the guys wanted to hear, but if it helps one person avoid something as devastating as a stroke, it's good to know. Today is the third anniversary of "The Day the Music Died."

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