Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yesterday with Skip and the girls was so much fun. What precious children! And of course, my camera batteries were MIA again! Note to self: Get some new batteries. This is a picture Skip made last Thanksgiving of the two of them. Lydia had just turned two. She will be three in October. It was hard not to take off with them for Atlanta, then Asheville, just to spend more time with his sweet granddaughters (and to help the old grandpa with the bad back). He was going to try to make it to Birmingham last night, before finishing his trip today. They were here for almost 3 hours and we made the most of the 100* afternoon in the pool. The girls are both like little fish.

Speaking of grandchildren, LaRue tells me there's another one in her family due in Febuary. Congratu-lations to Laurie and Dewayne! This will be No. 5 and they're happy about it, so I'm happy for them. Maybe Marlee Kupcake will have a little sister.

And congratulations to LaRue for what her plant has accomplished! Some good management going on there, obviously. Way to go, girl! And if you're off next Friday, too, maybe you would like to go to Memphis with me? I'll be glad to come through Tupelo and get you.

I've got a ton of laundry to do today. IOH!

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mornin' said...

Skip's granddaughters are beautiful. I know you well enough to know they had a blast with you while they were there. What a treasure the young ones are!