Monday, August 20, 2007

I was not the only Democrat at the pool this morning. We were joined by a neighbor who turned out to be from Tupelo, a Presbyterian minister and a Democrat. I hope she continues to come. Our conversation was most lively.
After downloading all that music this week-end, I didn't want to listen to any of it today. I chose the Jazz Piano channel on Sometimes its just easier to let someone else make the decisions about what songs to play.

I'm kinda moody that way, and not just about music. Something (or someone) might have me fired up one day, and fall totally off my radar the next. Fickle, some call it, mercurial twists of temperament, but it's been part of my nature as long as I can recall. Or maybe it's that I pour so much energy into things that intrigue me that it doesn't take long to exhaust that interest, for a while, anyway.

Today's post is puny, I know, but it is Monday. What can I say?

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