Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have picked up a regular reader from Mississippi, Department of Information Technology, and I'm not sure who it is. Please, dear reader, would you identify yourself to me? I know you aren't a creepy lurker, but I get a creepy feeling from realizing you know so much about me, and I don't even know who you are. You must know me, or else you wouldn't find much of interest in this blog. So which of my friends/acquaintances are you? My curiosity is getting the best of me. A simple email acknowledging this request would be much appreciated.

I got a phone call from Mac Vance, one of my mom's first cousins, this morning. Originally from Newton Co, MS, he's living in California and was back in Mississippi for a 50th class reunion for Union H.S. graduates. I wish I'd known ahead of time he would be here, we could have had lunch and visited in person. He had not heard that Mother died in March or that Mary Lou lost her house to Katrina. He told me of meeting one of our Vance cousins from Newton Co. when his wife was in a California hospital. She was a nurse at the hospital. It's a small world, after all...

And now for some long, overdue Gramma bragging... I got this from Mary Ann regarding my very smart grandsons Clay and Cooper:

Just thought I would make your day!!!!!
We got Clay and Cooper's FCAT scores for math and reading for last year.
BOTH boys scored in the top 99% on both subjects only missing 1-2 questions on each exam!!!!!! (out of 50-60 questions!)
Isn't that amazing! We were really excited for both of them since this helps them get into smaller hands-on classes in Middle School and High School! This also helps them get 1 step closer to FREE College in Florida! Yeah!!!!!!!!

Way to go, guys! I'm thrilled to hear it, just wish Mississippi could offer free college, too.

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