Sunday, July 22, 2007

The St. Philip's Choir sang for a large wedding yesterday, an SRO crowd. Lester Hailey's daughter got married and it was the biggest wedding I've attended there. I heard several compliments on the music afterwards. With a full choir, David on the pipe organ, and the string quartet, it was a lovely affair.

David was not playing for church this morning, but had called Adam to fill in. Adam must have been having an off day, he played as many wrong notes as right ones. I probably should volunteer to fill in for David when he's gone. If he would give me a few lessons on how the pipe organ works, I could get us through a Sunday service adequately. I might not be able to do anything fancy, but I know I wouldn't hit more sour notes than we heard today. It was embarrassing. The few choir members who were there were rolling their eyes and giggling. Poor Adam.

I sat with Betsy, who had the nerve to compare us to the sisters in today's scripture - Mary and Martha. According to her, she was always stuck in the kitchen while I was in the living room chatting with the guests. I'm not sure that's right, but that's the way she remembers it. I've been stuck in the kitchen plenty while she buzzed around socializing. We had lunch after church at McAllister's. Mike is having a Bub day with Jon.

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