Monday, July 23, 2007

I had the pool to myself for this morning's exercise, Pam and Jean were busy doing other things. The water was cooler than it's been, but it got down in the 60's last night, so I should have expected that. The sun was warm though, and it took my body no time to adjust. After a 2 week spell of no exercise, I was very tired at the end of my hour. I worked all my major muscles and a few minor ones, and my tan got rejuvenated, too.

I'm listening to the Beatles Abbey Road album and ripping a few of my favorites to my computer, including Paul McCartney's "Oh, Darling." The album is described extensively on Wikipedia with an article on each cut, interesting to read while listening, but difficult to do that and type a blog, plus I've got a Scrabble game going, too. And "Golden Slumbers" is bringing tears to my eyes. No wonder it takes me so long to type 3 paragraphs sometimes.

My neighbor Art loaned the CD to me yesterday so Mike could make a copy of it, which earned me the title "Hero of the Day," by my hubby. Even though he has the album on vinyl and the necessary gear for transferring it to CD, he didn't want to go to the trouble to find it and do it that way. From CD to CD is so much easier, and it's one of his all-time favorite albums that I've heard him wish for several times.

What is it about reunions that makes me want to listen almost exclusively to old music? I've been preferring that ever since George started planning for our shindig in P'ville this week-end. Strange how the brain works sometimes.

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