Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mike had aquatherapy this morning, so I had to go and help him get changed to his swimsuit, then back to his clothes. We had lunch at Ryan's afterward. It came a downpour while we were there and has been raining steady ever since.

Gus and Jay-Jay are still coughing, but not as bad as they were. They don't like their medicine, but are taking it. I have to hold them while Mike squirts the medicine in their mouths with the dropper. They seem to be sleeping more than usual, or maybe it just seems that way since Clay and Cooper left. Our whole world seems to be slowed down since they left. Thanks to sharp-eyed Cooper, who noticed my garage door opener still clipped to his Mom's van's visor before they got out of town.

The radio station I'm listening to this afternoon is 1970's Top 40 Hits. Some of this I don't recall ever hearing before. The ones I enjoyed singing along to came to be called Bubblegum Pop, or the softer side of rock, but I liked the more hard-hitting rhythym for dancing, which keeps pulling me out of this seat and to my feet. Right now it's Sly and the Family Stone on "Thank you falletin me be mice elf agin." I understand that Shrek III included this being done by Shrek and Donkey. Sorry, but I can't sit this one out.

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