Monday, July 16, 2007

Company's gone, husband's gone, and the dogs are in the hospital. It's too damn quiet around here. It was quite a shock to my system when I realized how all alone I was.

The dogs were sick all night, coughing, wheezing, vomiting, trembling, so I took them in first thing this morning. It's probably just a bad case of kennel cough, but the vet has been in surgery all morning and hasn't seen them yet. His assistant Carol thinks that's what it is, and she has a lot of experience with dogs, but she's not a vet, so until Doc Adams examines them, we won't know. 2:00 Update: Chronic tracheobronchitis, aka kennel cough, so Carol was right. They each got a shot and some medicine to take twice a day. Total bill? $214.00! Whoever said there's no such thing as a free puppy was right.
I've really enjoyed my grandsons, two of the brightest, sweetest kids I've been around since their dad and uncle were that age. Clay's ADHD is not being treated this summer, so the silliness factor goes way up and impulse control goes down, but he's got a huge appetite when not on Adderall and needs the growth spurt he's experienced since the school year ended. I have a new understanding of why the little blue pill comes in so handy, at times.
We didn't do much Saturday. It rained for several hours, so we just hung around the house chilling. We went to the bowling alley that afternoon, but the waiting list was longer than I wanted to wait for. On Sunday, we tried again, this time with Mary Ann, and got a lane after about an hour. It's a super nice facility, no cigarette smoke, no beer, no bad language, families with children everywhere, quite different from the way I remember bowling alleys. The bowlers and the spectators enjoyed the two games they played. Afterward, we went to Sicily's Italian Buffet (I've never seen Clay eat so much), then to Wal-Mart.

Cooper designed some hot cars while he was here on a video game he has. It's similar to the building and customizing of model cars like Mike's generation used to do, but without the glue to sniff, and not a Mustang passes on the street without his notice.

I've got to get back to my exercise routine, and get my house ready for more company on Weds. when Skip will be here. Praying friends remember Gus and Jay-Jay today and Mary Ann and the boys on their drive back to Baldwyn.

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