Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When the low temp at night goes below 72, my back porch is tolerably cool for a few hours the next morning. We've had a couple of those pleasant times out there this week, which always leads to thinking of all the improvements I'd like to make (which usually sends my hubby straight back inside). Getting it decluttered and hosed down always helps, so I'm trying to be satisfied with that for now. I bought some new plants yesterday while I was out, and got them repotted before going to exercise. By 9:45, I was perspiring and needing a cool dip in the swimming pool. And it was sweeeet!

It was not until after lunch when I began logging activities for the day on the CC site, that I found out that an hour of general gardening activity burns as many calories as an hour of water aerobics. Who knew? According to my stats and based on the most sedentary lifestyle, I burn 1528 calories in a 24 hour period by just breathing. If I laid in bed all day and did nothing but watch TV, normal bodily functions would require that number of calories to keep me alive and at the same weight. An hour of general gardening activity and an hour of water aerobics burned an additional 632 calories, then with the few other activities I do, I'm burning enough to eat 1523 calories (my recommended daily allowance), and still lose weight.

If any of you would like to join me at the CC site, I'll put you on my "friend list", so we can keep each other honest and encouraged. And did I mention it's FREE? I've lost 4 lbs, so far, and if I can do it, you can, too!


Zoilus said...

I'm only going to weigh once a week on Mondays so I won't get too impatient with myself. I have gotten out there on the bike all three days so far, not to mention keeping up with a two-year-old and his siblings (how many calories does that burn?). Now let's get Ricky, Mary Ann and Richbob in on the fun.

C J Garrett said...

I have a feeling they will drop some while they're doing the rehab work in NOLA. Their humidity has been a lot higher than ours. Mary Ann looked so slim and trim when I saw her in March, she probably doesn't need to lose much, if she's maintained that size.