Thursday, June 14, 2007

Carpet cleaners were scheduled to come at 10:00, but rescheduled for 2:00, so I got to do my pool stuff this morning. They're here now and it's hard to believe what a difference a professional cleaning can make. The light beige carpet color was chosen before we had dogs or cats and looks really ratty without regular cleanings. The whole house has a fresh lemon scent to it, really a nice improvement. The Bissell steam cleaner I bought a couple of years ago does a fairly good job, but nothing like these guys do. And one of them even put my closet door back on the track for me. I've never used this company before, but I will use them again, I promise.

Gus and Jay-Jay are protesting their restrictions, but they will get over it. And I'm going to spank them if I find a spot before company comes this week-end. They looked just like they understood every word I said when I told them this, too.

I made the most delicious, nutritious fruit concoction yesterday and ate it for a snack: diced peaches, strawberries, and banana with Kroger Lite Yogurt, the peach flavor, kinda like a smoothie but not blended, just mixed. Today it will be peaches and cantaloupe in raspberry yogurt. Now that the carpet cleaners are gone, I can get to the kitchen.

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