Friday, June 29, 2007

One of the most helpful things Benji did while he was here, and he did several, was to rearrange our televisions. Mother's old TV had been homeless since her death, but with a larger, clearer screen than a couple of the sets we were using, I wanted it in our upstairs den. So he moved the one that was there to our bedroom to replace the small 13" set we watched from our bed. The little one got moved to the guest bedroom/my office spot, and the one I had there is now unplugged and homeless. It was a rescue from a neighbor's garbage several years ago and has worked well, especially for a throw-away with a universal remote.

It was not until we got Mother's old TV plugged in that I figured out why she kept it unplugged. When she lived at the Admiral, she told me several times that someone had been in her room while she slept and turned on her television. She was awakened several times by it, and her only explanation for this bizarre event was that an intruder had been there watching it. Poor Mom didn't need help sounding mystified by technical features like this, and we usually smiled or chuckled when she so sincerely complained about it. The manager knew how to turn off the automatic turn-on feature, and did several times, but it kept happening.

Well, I should have known that laughing at an old lady's confusion would come back to haunt me. I've reset this feature a couple of times, but somehow it goes back to the "on" setting at 5:30 AM. The poltergeist that came with it will have to plug it back in from now on if he needs white noise.

I've got several projects started that need my attention. The floor mat I started last week for my kitchen has turned out to be a major undertaking. I've logged several hours of painting on it and I'm only about half done. Before it gets hot on my deck, I'm going to work on it.

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