Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No caffeine today in preparation for tomorrow's thallium treadmill test, and that's just in case they have to go to "Plan B," whatever that is. If Plan A goes as it should, I could have had caffeine without causing problems. There is a $200 cancellation fee if they are not notified within 24 hours before the test. I'm 22.5 hours away from test time, so I guess there's no rescheduling without penalty. I'll just be glad when the whole thing is over.

12:30 pm. We had more wind yesterday than I realized. I knew garbage and limbs littered the grounds when I returned from running errands, but had no idea part of our wrought iron fence at the pool was also blown away. One of my neighbors had picked up most of the furniture that was scattered and cleaned debris from the pool, so we had a calm, clean, cool hour of exercise. The temp was only 85* when I came in at 11:00. I just wish we were getting more rain. The system that is churning in Texas is predicted to blow north of us, but that could change.

Mike is having lunch with Greenhill, so fixing lunch for him will again not be necessary. He forgot to have his Ambien refilled yesterday and could not fall asleep until I found an old bottle of Xanex and he took one of those. He has not been able to sleep without a pill of some sort for about 7 years now. I wonder about his chemical dependency but his doctors have told me that anxiety and sleep deprivation are more unhealthy for him than the drugs he takes, so I try not to worry.

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