Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Skip's visits are always too short, and much too infrequent, but he had dogs at the kennel to "get out of jail," and I totally understand that. Lady, their youngest, an English setter, is scared of thunder storms like Jay-Jay, so she needs to be close to her people during bad weather. I tried to get him to go with me to meet George for lunch at Barnhill's, but he'd had a late breakfast and wasn't hungry. Mike joined us, so we talked less about Plantersville than we usually do.

Skip brought a few pictures, mainly of grandchildren. These two are my favorites. First, Skip and 4 year old Zach, son of Jonathan; second, Zach and his 1 year old sister Amanda. Both children have curly blond hair.

After I told my story about my very young sons and the Easter bunny, Skip read the story that he'd written for Zach. I gave him a perfect segue. He can share his story when he gets his blog up and running. Mine isn't quite as dramatic. It happened in 1972 when Benji was 4 and Ricky was 7.

On the Saturday night before Easter, I came home from work to find a rabbit sitting up in the middle of my parents' driveway, staring at me as though I were intruding on his private property. He soon hopped away, but not before I concocted a tale for my sons. When I went in the house, I said, "Guess who I just saw outside?"

"Who, Mama, who?" they asked, eyes wide with excitement.

"The Easter Bunny! He was right out there in the front yard hiding Easter eggs!"

"I wanna see, I wanna see!" Benji responded, jumping up and down.

Ricky, the skeptical older brother said, "Oh Mama, that was just that old brown rabbit that we saw in Granddaddy's garden!"

Now who do you think is the engineer and who is the poet?

Here's another of Skip's photos, Wild Azaleas.

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Zoilus said...

Aww, that was such a sweet story, Mom. Guess what the son of a poet is going to be?