Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mosaic, the band Mary Ann is in, is recording a demo next week. Maybe I will finally get to hear them. Anyway, they're hoping for a recording contract, and I'm hoping they get one. And I'm hoping you serious prayer people out there will join me in praying that God is glorified in their ministry of music, and if that includes a recording contract, hallelujah!

Her account of their spring break in Gulf Shores made me glad we stayed here. Poor Ricky (and Benji) have very dysfunctional families on both sides. I do believe the paternal side has the maternal side beat, though. At least, Clay and Cooper enjoyed deep sea fishing with their grandfather.

Clay got contact lenses this week for an early birthday gift. Maybe he won't have to wear the mask in karate like he did with the glasses. I'm glad to hear he's still enjoying karate. He wants to do the swimming team again this summer, and I think he should. He's really a great swimmer. Gramma's just not quite ready to accept that he will turn 13 in June. He's one of the sweetest children I've ever known and he's growing up so fast. (Or is it that time flies when you're over the hill?)

Benji and Karen are trying to figure out how her ex got the idea that Good Friday is not part of the Easter Holiday. I'd like to know that, too. Joint custody gets really complicated with people who don't think logically. I'll be so glad when they move back to Memphis. Maybe that will take care of most of the problems with her ex. Bella and Phin are amazingly resilient to have weathered the disagreements as well as they have. Pip was chattering up a storm when I talked to Benji. Maybe by the time he's three, we can understand him.

And that's all the news from Dysfunction Junction for today.

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