Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter, Everybody!

Whew! I'm tired! Good thing I was raised on Baptist revivals, or I'd never made it. By this morning the choir was beginning to sound tired, too. We had a string quintet playing in addition to the organ, so maybe the music didn't sound too phlegmatic. Last night's Easter Vigil service was well attended and the choir sounded good. This morning with twice the crowd, we were less energetic, except on Handel's Worthy is the Lamb.

The rainbows were not as apparent as I'd hoped, but a lot of people felt like since our parish is so accepting, they didn't see the point. One of my gay friends said if St. Philip's was any more inclusive of him, they'd have to name the church after him. It was not promoted or explained very well, and I felt responsible for that, maybe next time we can do more.

Betsy cooked a delicious lunch and invited us. She's really enjoying being back in her house, it's so much better suited for entertaining guests than the condo is, and I'm happy for her. Richard seems less disoriented than he was, he's taken some interest in the dogs, so that's good. Gypsy had to be euthanized on Friday, she had a bad case of heart worms, but Dusty and Nick look healthy. I hope they are. She's let them sleep indoors, since it turned cold again.

I feel a nap coming on.

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Zoilus said...

Karen also made a "high pass" on her preliminary exams (yay!). Now all she has to do is finish her book-length dissertation in a mere three months and she'll be done with her Ph.D.

Happy Easter, everybody!