Sunday, March 11, 2007

What a week-end! I'm exhausted. We went by the vet's office to get Gus and Jay-Jay, but no one was there for a Sunday pick-up. I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow. I've missed my babies terribly.

Mom's funeral was very simple, but sweet. I had her dressed in a white suit with pink lipstick and nail polish. I haven't seen her look so beautiful in a long, long time. Her number one grandson put the "Z" from a Scrabble game in her hand for the finishing touch. There was a lot more joy and laughter this week-end than sadness and tears. All her children and grandchildren were there, along with four great-grandchildren and several family in-laws. Everybody was friendly and cordial. I heard no animosity or rudeness, for which I was extremely grateful. I only wish we had made a picture of the whole group. I can't foresee this crowd being together again like we were on Saturday.

Ricky Bishop's eulogy was personal and affirming. I'm glad she requested him to do it. I liked the pastor, Danny Balint, at Plantersville, too. He has a calm, reassuring manner that was comforting, and a sincere desire to please that helped me feel confident enough to leave all the little details of the service up to him. The dinner served by the church ladies after the funeral was a veritable feast.

The highlight of the whole service for me, however was the trio's music. Katey, Laurie, and Molly have matured into beautiful women with equally beautiful voices. It thrilled me to hear them and brought me closer to tears than anything that happened all week-end. They sang "Blessed Assurance," "Solid Rock," and "Because He Lives." It was not hard to remember them as children running through that door from Sunday School to where I was seated by the organ with hugs and kisses for "Miss Cathy! Miss Cathy!" One of my favorite memories while I was there. Here is the most recent photo I have of LaRue and her lovely daughters. It was made before Laurie delivered Marlee K in February. I loved seeing so many old friends, especially LaRue, Mary, Jane, Jean, Lynette, Brenda, Gloria, Jeanette, too many to name. I wish I'd had more time to spend with them. I've got to make a point of going back up there when I have time to visit with all of them.

We ate breakfast today at Shoney's with Ricky and his family. Clay and Cooper could not have been sweeter. They're going to be in Gulf Shores for spring break next week and invited us down. I wish I could go, but leave Mike here. Fat Chance.

Mom's house appeared to be still vacant. I'm meeting with Steve Holland this week to discuss how we might be able to save it from being claimed by Medicaid. He came during Saturday's visitation and entertained everyone with his stories. He's as funny as Jerry Clower used to be, and handles stand-up comedy like a pro. No wonder he's such a good politician. I heard from a Democratic friend that he is a real thorn in the side of our Republican governor.

Mike got ugly a couple of times, but I stood my ground until he calmed down and got himself rational and under control. As an only child, he can't help that he's self-centered, so when I remind him that he must take my feelings into consideration, he usually does. I just get tired of having to remind him. It was the worst part of the whole week-end. It reminded me of what I went through with Mother following Daddy's funeral. The only child is at a real disadvantage in situations that require empathy. Neither Mike nor Mother are/were any good at it.

The weather could not have been more perfect, mild temps, no rain. With many first signs of spring, the landscape was mostly in soft pastels, with some bare winter tree limbs for contrast. Coming home on the Trace reminded me what a master artist our Creator is.

For everything there is a season...

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